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Fish Dishes

  • Seafood Rice with lobster
  • Lobster Rice
  • Monkfish rice with prawns
  • Prawn 'Açorda'
  • Boiled Crab Every day
  • Clams à la Bulhão Pato
  • Whiting Fillets with Russian salad
  • Codfish with corn bread
  • Fried Soles with tomato rice and salad
  • Grilled small sardines with potatoes and salad or fried with sprouts rice
  • Grilled tuna steak or in onion stew
  • Coal roasted mullet
  • Coal roasted swordfish
  • Coal grilled squids
  • Codfish à la Lagareiro with baked potatoes
  • Coal roasted sardine with pepper salad
  • Boiled whiting's head with egg
  • Grilled scaled catfish
  • Grilled scaled sea bass


  • Grilled Mackarel with Spanish sauce
  • Coal roasted sole
  • Fried whiting with sprout rice
  • Fried mackarel with sprout rice
  • Coal roasted seabream 
  • Eel stew with prawns
  • Fried eels with 'açorda'
  • Grilled or boiled whiting roes
  • Boiled whiting with egg
  • Octopus à la Lagareiro with baked potatoes
  • Coal roasted cuttlefish with or without ink
  • Fried cuttlefish à la Algarvia
  • Coal roasted monkfish skewer
  • Coal roasted grouper
  • Fish pasta with prawns
  • Coal roasted salmon
  • Fried ray with 'açorda'




Meat Speacialties


  • Fondue
  • Beef loin on the stone
  • Portuguese Stew
  • Chanfana à la Oleiros
  • Roasted hind leg
  • Roasted veal à la padeiro
  • Coal roasted veal cutlet
  • Grilled entrecôte
  • Coal roasted lamb
  • Coal roasted pork loin
  • Grilled rump steak with banana
  • Fried rump steak with cream and mushrooms
  • Grilled tenderloin skewer
  • Grilled lamb cutlets
  • Black pork mixed barbecue
  • Steak with beer sauce
  • Small Turkey Steaks with Mushrooms
  • Coal roasted black pork medallions
  • Beefsteak à la cortador
  • Grilled Black Pork "Secretos"
  • Coal roasted entrecôte

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Córsega Restaurant

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Get delighted by our fish dishes

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  • Visa
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Restaurante Córsega
Lisboa - .: Menu & Specialties

Córsega Restaurant - Barbecue in Benfica. Our specialities: Fishes, Fresh Meats, Fondue and various Cataplanas

Estrada de Benfica 717-A/B
1500-088 LISBOA
( Benfica )
210 453 393